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How To Overcome Past And Future Of The Mind

We always hear living in the present is ” Life”, but how to achieve this state of mind, well the answer is pretty straight forward: as we all know past never comes back it can only teach you to avoid mistakes ahead, and future will come after the present moment has passed.

So, in other words, what we only have is this present moment, which is ”RIGHT NOW.” But mind, as we know, keeps attacking us with thoughts either from the past or future.

These thoughts are either positive or negative, and surprisingly, it’s nothing but an illusion created by our mind; it’s also called ”MESS OF THE MIND.”

Your mighty mind has a weakness too; it will listen if told by using the string of focus and control of thoughts, giving it a direction, and not letting it run anywhere it wants.

Just follow a short exercise every day, and you will see the difference 100%:-

  1. focus on what you wish to do that very moment
  2. don’t allow the brain to take you into the past or future and get emotional
  3. Keep the mind busy in whatever you would love to do at that moment ( best in achieving your goals)

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Winners Mind

How To Connect Heart And Mind- A Solution

 A connection is the sole purpose of life, with who and how we connect matters the most.

Every relationship seeks connection, whether it’s about the contact of families, strangers, or even heart and mind.

If you want miracles in life, you have to connect your heart and mind.

But how do we connect? The answer is simple.

As we know, the heart is where all our emotions are, and the mind is where focus lives.

Just follow these three simple steps and achieve anything you want in your life:-

  1. choose a goal
  2. Find out which emotion suits the best with that particular goal 
  3. Focus on how you can achieve everyday goals until you reach the final goal.

Follow the above steps to achieve anything, but never think about the result. Thinking about the result will take your mind off focus, resulting in never being able to accomplish whatever your ultimate goal is.

Connect heart like a rope and mind ( focus) as a bucket to bring the result, which is the cold water on a Hot sunny day.

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